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Save the Killer Tomatoes Cartoon!

Welcome to the page dedicated to returning the animated series Attack of the Killer Tomatoes to the air! The series aired on the now non-existent FOX KIDS network in the early 1900s. It, however, didn't get the ratings many hoped it would, and it was pulled from the lineup shortly after that!

However, in 1998 FOX bought the struggling Family Channel and began to air reruns of their classic Killer Tomatoes cartoon every Saturday morning!

However, much to the fans disappointment, they stopped airing reruns in early 2000. Fans began to protest the shows being cancelled, and it seemed like it may return to the air...but then something horrible happened! FOX Family channel, and FOX KIDS both went off the air in 2003.

However, hopes are again rising the FOXBOX (a revamped version of the old FOX Kids) will start airing the show!

Our mission is to get as many people to e-mail FOX and ask them to air the series! Please sign the guestbook, it acts as a petition. And please write letters to FOX!

Save the Killer Tomatoes Cartoon!


Save the Killer Tomatoes Cartoon!

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